• What Is Team Compliance?

    Quite Simply we are there to help and support you through the minefield of compliance no matter how small or large your company is

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  • Don't worry, you're not alone

    We work with your organization to either reactively or proactively bridge the knowledge gap and make you and your staff more confident for the future

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  • The right level of support

    We work with you to prepare for Compliance, Risk Management and Audits with the end result that you will be a more efficient and compliant company

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  • Let us help clear your desks

    Team Compliance are made up of unique and extremely experienced individuals, boasting some serious knowledge and time spent in the field

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Compliance Training

In TeamCompliance we see that compliance is just another word for common sense, after all why would you not want to make sure things are done right!

Almost all organisations must meet regulatory and compliance requirements in some form and for certain highly regulated industries even more so.

Compliance makes good business sense by protecting your customers, workforce and ultimately profits. It is not the compliance officer’s job. It is the top down responsibility of everyone in your organisation.

TeamCompliance place great emphasis on knowledge transfer as part of the overall portfolio of services we provide as we see that it is essential that we not only deliver a service or solution but we also leave a sustainable legacy so we can be sure all the hard work is not wasted in years to come.  This is a good starting point – but often there is a need for more formal training  of your staff and TeamCompliance highly skilled and have dedicated resources to allow us to provide more formal or informal training where this is required.

TeamCompliance can provide  trainers with many years of experience in a wide range of industries.

We will provide training for:

  • External and internal audit staff.
  • Staff who work in risk functions.
  • Your regulatory representatives.
  • Staff in the compliance area.

In the form of:

  • Structured training courses.
  • Workshops.
  • Self-study.
  • On-line training.