About us

IS Compliance Solutions has been founded on many years of experience in information systems consultancy. At one end of the spectrum we work with individuals and small companies who require simple compliance support for their PC’s, networks, smart phones etc. right through to large regulated global clients within the pharmaceutical industry

We believe our knowledge and experience is amongst the best and will allow us to provide you exactly what is needed, no less and often a whole load more than you expected...

Our Expertise

System Concept, design, implementation, testing/validation, Project Management.

Stand alone, Small Networks, Wireless Networking, Industrial Automation, SAP, Quality Management Systems, Document Management Systems.

What Makes Us Different

Having a wealth of Knowledge within our group of highly skilled professional allows us to provide focused assistance to suit your needs. Our experience also comes from every direction so we understand the requirements of the user and how best to deliver them.

IS Compliance Solutions and Team Compliance

We are an active sponsor and supporter of Team Compliance and firmly believe that the future of Information Compliance consultancy is within the utilisation of Knowledgeable and Trusted networks made up of long standing experts in the business.


  • Program & Project Management
  • Quality & Validation Management
  • Risk & Audit Management
  • Information Governance
  • Quality System Design & Improvement


Are you Ready?